Priti Patnaik

Independent Journalist & Researcher

Geneva, Swizterland

Priti Patnaik

I am a financial journalist, and a researcher in international development.

Geneva. New York. New Delhi.


Deconstructing India’s Model Bilateral Investment Treaty

India was one of the most sued countries in 2015. Will the country’s new model bilateral investment treaty attract and safeguard foreign investment more effectively? India’s efforts to attract and safeguard foreign investment while protecting public interest will be keenly watched in the midst of reforms in international investment agreements.
The Wire, India Link to Story

Switzerland fears it will be a Brexit loser

If British voters decide to leave the EU this week, Switzerland will likely reap an influx of money from the City of London. who last week decided to withdraw their dormant 1992 application to join the European bloc — are more worried about the negative fallout from a Brexit than busy counting their potential gains. Link to Story

Burlington, Vt., in Telecom Quagmire

When Burlington several years ago set out to build a municipal telecom network, it envisioned a self-sustaining system providing fiber-optic internet service to residents, business, and government in Vermont’s most populous city. Since the city was precluded by state law from issuing municipal bonds for the project, it entered into an equipment-leasing agreement with creditors that it now wants to restructure as it struggles to repay the debt.
The Bond Buyer, New York City Link to Story

'We need political will to initiate reforms'

NEW DELHI: Raghuram G Rajan, celebrated economist, once the youngest at the International Monetary Fund, has the responsibility to suggest measures to fast-track reforms in a challenging political climate, as chairman of the committee on financial sector reforms. Prof Rajan, who teaches finance at the Chicago Graduate School of Business (GSB), spoke to ET, on the limitations of the monetary policy among other issues.
The Economic Times, New Delhi Link to Story

'Policy response to crises has to be quick'

Stanley Fischer , whose book on Macroeconomics is a Bible for economics students the world over, has worn many hats, the latest being governor, Bank of Israel. Who better than Prof Fischer then to talk on the on-going crisis in the financial world that threatens to envelope the global economy?
The Economic Times, New Delhi Link to Story


Priti Patnaik

I am a financial journalist who also works in international development in Geneva.

During my 15 years in journalism, I have worked in Geneva, New York City and New Delhi. Outside of journalism, I have had stints at a trade law firm specializing in WTO disputes and at a UN public health organization in Geneva.

I have reported on public finance, India’s monetary policy and the financial sector, for the biggest economic newspapers in India, based out of Delhi. In New York, I reported on debt and bankruptcy in the immediate aftermath of the financial crises in different newsrooms. In Switzerland, I write on issues of banking secrecy, illicit financial flows, bilateral trade deals, intellectual property and the pharmaceutical industry.

I hold a master's degree in Business & Economic Reporting from New York University (2010) and a master's in Development Studies from The Graduate Institute in Geneva (2013). I also have a PG Diploma in broadcast journalism from the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai (2003). I graduated with a bachelor's degree in science, majoring in microbiology, genetics and chemistry from Osmania University, Hyderabad (2002).

I look forward to opportunities in, not limited to, corporate responsibility, public health, environment and trade - areas where science, economics and law come together.

I am keen on opportunities that will not only utilize my journalistic skills in writing, editing and investigations but also give me scope to do development-related work.