Priti Patnaik

Independent Journalist & Researcher

Geneva, Swizterland

Priti Patnaik

I am a financial journalist, and a researcher in international development.

Geneva. New York. New Delhi.



One can easily overlook a discreet corner of Geneva Palexpo, a convention centre in the outskirts of this small city, especially on a chilly winter evening in January this year, when temperatures plummeted below zero. The atmosphere inside was just as discreet, but warm with anticipation. Art dealers and underwriters mingled with prosecutors, lawyers, and forensic specialists to find out how self-regulation in the art market address money laundering.
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Deconstructing India’s Model Bilateral Investment Treaty

India was one of the most sued countries in 2015. Will the country’s new model bilateral investment treaty attract and safeguard foreign investment more effectively? India’s efforts to attract and safeguard foreign investment while protecting public interest will be keenly watched in the midst of reforms in international investment agreements.
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The Swiss Have Sent a Chilling Message to Whistleblowers

“If governments around the world who have been helped by Hervé Falciani will not protect him, they would make themselves guilty of wilful blindness or of looking the other way while a whistleblower is legally crucified.”. Falciani is a computer expert who worked at HSBC Private Bank in Geneva before leaking details of accountholders to the French government in 2008.
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Art & Money Laundering in Switzerland

A slew of changes in the legal and regulatory environment in Switzerland aim to tighten the noose around suspicious investors, who launder money by buying art and possibly, store them in customs free zones such as freeports. Read an English version here:
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Switzerland, the US, HK and Singapore the Most ‘Black Money Friendly’ Countries

‘The United States’s hypocritical stance of seeking to protect itself against foreign tax havens while preserving itself as a tax haven for residents of other countries needs to be countered,’ says new global report. According to the 2015 Financial Secrecy Index – a comprehensive survey on global financial secrecy – just released by the Tax Justice Network, Switzerland ranks number one, followed by Hong Kong and the US.
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India fails to get to root of black money problem

The Indian government’s initial unsuccessful efforts to unearth billions of dollars of undeclared foreign assets - some believed to be hidden in Swiss banks - highlight the complexity of vehicles used to move money illicitly. Earlier in the year, a new law on black money came into effect. It included a three-month compliance window for tax evaders.
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New Swiss Banking Norms May Not Help India’s Hunt for Black Money

Switzerland will allow stolen data acquired through official means to form the basis for a request for assistance but will help India only for post-2011 bank accounts, that too as long as Swiss courts don’t interfere. Geneva: Switzerland’s proposed changes on treating stolen information have generated much optimism in India with most analysts assuming this will favourably impact the sharing of information on tax evaders.
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On FIFA's tax status

The legal and fiscal status of FIFA might come under the scanner once again . The clean-up at FIFA has begun, fuelled by forces far away from the city of Zurich where it is hosted. The resignation of President Sepp Blatter is a sign of things to come. The city of Zurich and the government of Switzerland, might inevitably be drawn into these world-wide efforts to make the world governing body of football, more accountable. Read the English version here:
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Rise of Swiss gold exports to India raises questions

Switzerland is one of the world’s biggest centres for refining gold and exports significant amounts to India - one of the world’s biggest importers. How much of this contributes to trade-based money laundering? Gold imports by India have doubled in the past 15 years, even though the price of gold has climbed and the rupee has strengthened.
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Priti Patnaik

I am a financial journalist who also works in international development in Geneva.

During my 15 years in journalism, I have worked in Geneva, New York City and New Delhi. Outside of journalism, I have had stints at a trade law firm specializing in WTO disputes and at a UN public health organization in Geneva.

I have reported on public finance, India’s monetary policy and the financial sector, for the biggest economic newspapers in India, based out of Delhi. In New York, I reported on debt and bankruptcy in the immediate aftermath of the financial crises in different newsrooms. In Switzerland, I write on issues of banking secrecy, illicit financial flows, bilateral trade deals, intellectual property and the pharmaceutical industry.

I hold a master's degree in Business & Economic Reporting from New York University (2010) and a master's in Development Studies from The Graduate Institute in Geneva (2013). I also have a PG Diploma in broadcast journalism from the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai (2003). I graduated with a bachelor's degree in science, majoring in microbiology, genetics and chemistry from Osmania University, Hyderabad (2002).

I look forward to opportunities in, not limited to, corporate responsibility, public health, environment and trade - areas where science, economics and law come together.

I am keen on opportunities that will not only utilize my journalistic skills in writing, editing and investigations but also give me scope to do development-related work.